About us

The Lazy Bookshop is a powerful online bookstore for scientific textbooks. On our e-shelves are countless of paperback collections in a great variety of disciplines and in languages which you will rarely find, even on popular bookstores. Not really everybody's stuff. ;-)


Our readers are as unique and complex as the books we sell. Some people like to read on a screen. Others need the sight, smell and touch of real paper books. They like to see them on their shelves, they like to have shelves for them. They like to take them with them when they leave the house and stack them on their desks. So we serve these people with paperback books that are printed ecologically with Print-On-Demand technology.


As tools of discovery and knowledge, we believe books have the unique ability to transform our world for the better. We, in turn, make every effort to engage with our readers, respond to their needs, and learn from their feedback.


Feel free to drop us an email at info@the-lazy-bookshop.com.