The All Purpose Plant

Aloe vera and its applications in Periodontology

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Among the various herbal agents documented since time immemorial , Aloe vera is given a high ranking as an all-purpose herbal plant used by mankind in folk medicine for thousands of years for therapeutic properties. Although the modern medical community has given the health benefits of Aloe vera as a limited official standing, there have been numerous worldwide scientific studies by authoritative and medical researchers revealing Aloe’s ubiquitous health benefits. Although the uses of Aloe vera which has enough spirit to transform our limited vision are reported in medicine, its role in dentistry has gained popularity of late. Even though scientific evidence of Aloe vera in dentistry is available to the public and practitioners, its role in periodontal health is gradually building which would enable dentists in the near future to find alternatives to preserve the structure, function and aesthetics of the dentition and limit the progression of the disease.


Archana Sankar


Dr Archana R Sankar is a final year postgraduate in JSS Dental College and Hospital, Mysore, Karnataka, India. She has an excellent academic record in school and college. Dr Sheela Kumar Gujjari, her PG guide is her pillar of support. Dr Archana has a keen interest in research and would like to dedicate her life for the betterment of the society.


Sheela Gujjari


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Aloe vera, wound healing, Antidiabetic, Antimicrobial, tissue engineering, Antioxidant

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