Advanced Reservoir Geophysics

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The principles of rock physics and rock mechanics in porous discontinuous media presented in this book are two courses with conceptual terminology used to cooperate between four main disciplines in reservoir geophysics; the geology (the real earth), the geophysics (the indirect measureable quantities), the petrophysics (the direct measureable of reservoir fluid and rock properties), and the reservoir engineering (the detectable static and dynamic parameters for descriptions of the oil and gas reservoirs). During the last two decades, professionals belonging to various reservoir disciplines; i.e., geologist, geophysicist, petrophysicist and reservoir engineers have taught to work together and to find some synergies to integrate their individual pieces of work information in a unique manner. This synergic team needs professional disciplinary to understand each other and work together.


Mohammad Kamal Ghassem-Alaskari


M. K. Ghassem-Alaskari born in 1947 at MIS, Iran. Western Geophysical Programmer, Dallas, TX. 1979-81. Ph.D. Southern Methodist Univ., Dallas, TX. in 1983, ESP Earth Sciences Programming, Inc. Sr. Geophysicist, TX. in 1984-87. Assistant Professor of Reservoir Geophysics, in 1989-99. Associate Professor of Reservoir Geophysics, in 1999-2010 at PU.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Reservoir Geophysics, Seismic Reservoir, Geophysics, Nature

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SCIENCE / Earth Sciences