Statistics-based specifications of raw and exhausted olive pomace

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“Statistics-based specifications of raw and exhausted olive pomace” is based on the author’s self-directed learning experience in statistics and biomass materials. A statistics-oriented researcher knows that a well-planed research work needs to be in accord with the basics of the discipline which involve dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of masses of numerical data. This book is structured with these elements in mind. Olive pomace was chosen as the data source for economic and environmental reasons. Educators and students of statistics will find ample real life data for home works and projects. Biomass researchers will find a statistical frame work suitable for their own biomass projects. Incorporating basic Excel commands and statistical tools in research is what most scientists and engineers prefer. Apart from basic Excel formulas, most calculations require reader’s own self-written equations which only require care in opening and closing parenthesis. Even construction of the normal distribution curve goes that way. Therefore, users of the book will find the opportunity for developing their data analysis and interpretation skills.


Khalid Tawarah


Ph.D. : Physical Chemistry, Iowa State University, 1982. Professor of Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Yarmouk University. Published research articles in the fields of Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Guest-Host Chemistry of Cyclodextrins and Crown Ethers, TGA, DTG, DSC Thermal analysis studies on Olive pomace and Olive fruits.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Raw olive pomace, Exhausted olive pomace, olive mill solid residue, Statistical analysis, biomass, Normal quantile plots, Pooled data, Chauvenet’s criterion, Renewable energy, Confidence intervals

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SCIENCE / Chemistry / Physical & Theoretical