Catholic Faith Exprience and Witness

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A Catholic that has no good knowledge of his faith would most likely believe that he is in the wrong faith when the teachings of the so called ‘’born again’’ apologists and those that call themselves ‘’bible believing denominations’’ are unveiled to him. Such teachings tend to make the Catholic faith look untrue and has largely drawn hatred for the Catholic Church given the way the ‘’born again’’ apologist present their teachings to make what the Catholic teach and stand for look like false. Catholic experience and witness originated from experiences of Catholic faith and experiences garnered from the teachings of the “born again’’ apologists as well from those that pride themselves as “bible believing Christians.” The book comes with particular intention of addressing some of the misguided notions about the Catholic faith and the teachings of the Catholic Church on baptism and salvation. My town Ezzagu before the advent of Irish Catholic missionaries several years ago were ardent African traditional religionists. The coming of the Irish Catholic Missionaries to the area diminished the worship of idols and several other forms of dastard cultures and traditions in the area.


Osita Julius Nworu


Osita Julius Nworu is an Igbo from Eastern part of Nigeria. He was born into a good Catholic family Ezzagu, a village where there was virtually no other Christian faith other than the Catholic faith. when he left his village for the city, he discovered that there were other Christian faiths that disagree with what his Catholic faith teach.

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Catholic faith, teaching, Baptism

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