The Significance of Linkage of Productive Safety net

And Household Asset Building Programmes towards Household Food Security Achievement: A case study of Enebse Sar Midir Woreda, East Gojam Zone

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As part of the wider food security programme PSNP and OFSP/currently HABP/was launched in 2005. The objective of PSNP is to help households to smooth their consumption and build productive community assets through public works, and HABP objective is to diversify „Income sources‟ and to increase „productive assets‟ to food insecure households in CFI woredas‟. Both programmes are designed in such a way that they complement one another so as to ensure enhanced food security at household and community level. However, due to low attention on the allocation of HABP budget and poor linkage of PSNP and HABP components of food security programme, the households are not able to bring a sustainable food security situation. Hence, the purpose of this study was , to identify and examine the contribution and significance of linkage of PSNP and HABP towards household‟s food security achievement and thus enhancing the resilience of rural households of Enebssie Sar medir woreda of E/Gojjam zone. These research objectives were realized by using a range of both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods.


Abraham Teklie


Abraham Teklie - Faculty: SMUC-IGNOU; Program: Master of Arts in Rural Development; Department: Rural Development; Addis Ababa.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


linkage, Safety net, Household

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