A framework for semi-automated formalization of automotive requirements

Development and Evaluation

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Quantity and intricacy of features implemented in vehicle expand rapidly over past few years. Currently vision of autonomous vehicle is no longer a dream or fantasy movie, but instead a coming actuality. In order to achieve the best quality and high safety, advanced verification techniques are required. Simulink Design Verifier is a model checking tool based on formal verification, which can be effectively used to solve problems concerning error detection and testing at earlier stages of project. Transformation of requirements written in their traditional form into Simulink Design Verifier objectives directly can be time consuming as well as require knowledge of system model and the verification tool. In order to reduce time consumption and guide a user through system model and the verification tool semi-automated framework has been developed. Implementation of restricted English grammar patterns into Simulink objects supports description of patterns to engineers and reduce time consumption. Developed framework is flexible and intuitive hence can be a solution for other branches of industry, but future tests and verification are required.


Ariel Syrko


Ariel Syrko obtained his Master's Degree of Science in Electrical Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


framework, semi-automated formalization, automotive requirements

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SCIENCE / Electricity