Impact of Globalization and Westernization on Indian Culture:Good/Bad?

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In last two decades the term globalization has gained enormous importance. Globalization simply is the adoption of liberalization of foreign exchange restrictions and free flow of goods and services making world a small global village. Globalization has transformed all aspects of life like jobs, culture and relationship with others. It brings out new opportunities, challenges and innovation in the people. For the people of well-off families it means meeting new people of different culture, experience different lifestyles and geographical regions. In 1991 the pace of globalization in Indian accelerated, as the government opened up the Indian economy due to a number of reasons. If we take look at many of the definitions of globalization such as of free trade, services and mobility of goods, it is certainly evident that globalization has changed India, Indian market had undergone rapid change from being a seller’s to the consumer market. Within a decade or so satellite television and Hollywood movies became widely available Many scholars felt that exposure to new cultural models would lead to change in family and gender arrangements.


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