Numerical optimisation of EB-PVD coatings for arbitrary surfaces

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The optimisation of the coating distribution for thermal barrier coating (TBC) systems using electron beam physical vapour deposition (EB-PVD) represents a major challenge for industry, since it impacts on the performance of such components due to high temperature exposure. In this book, a mathematical model to predict the thickness of EB-PVD coatings was developed based on Knudsen’s law of emission and previous research in this field. Moreover, experimental results were used to solve certain parameters of the model. In order to validate the model, coating tests were conducted for different configurations of stationary substrates. These results are presented together with the numerically obtained results to compare the accuracy of the model. Furthermore, numerical results have been presented for rotating substrates in order to demonstrate the use of the model under such conditions.


Marouen Mahfoudhi


Marouen Mahfoudhi, a Mechanical Engineer born in Tunis, Tunisia in 1987. Graduated in 2012 from the National School of Engineers of Tunis. In 2013 He Moved to Cape Town in South Africa where he obtained in 2016 his Masters of Technology Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology with Cum laude distinction.

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Scholars' Press


Coating, prediction, Simulation, EB-PVD

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TECHNOLOGY / Engineering / General