Effective Techniques Educators Can Use to Reduce Student Anxiety

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One of the numerous relationships researchers have linked to the problems of anxiety among students is parenting style, such as arbitrary punishment, child abuse, and lack of parental support. Though this study remains inconclusive, it lends a tangible insight into how anxiety is developed and passed between generations. This study explores various ways that anxiety can be a threat to students’ academic success. Anxiety does not only pose a danger to students’ achievement in school but also constitute a source of health risk. Test anxiety is characterized by negative emotional, psychological, and behavioral responses controlled by an extreme and overwhelming fear of failing the exam and facing unfavorable consequences. The onset of anxiety is often marked by a situation of uncertainty or lack of emotional control on the part of students. This state of helplessness may be caused by inadequate preparation for classroom tasks or problems at home.


Abdullah Alatawi


Abdullah AlatawiUniversity of Tabuk Collage of Education Special Education Department Master of Education from Grand Valley State University

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Special Education, Education, Anxiety

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