Eat Well, Live Well

Blueprint for Vibrant Health, with Energy, Vitality and Focus

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What do we need to be ALIVE and WELL, with ENERGY, VITALITY and FOCUS? Air, water, food, movement, nature, healthy emotional and mental states, satisfying relationships and fulfilling spirituality are at the forefront. First then, you need air to live. The air you breathe today is polluted, even in the high altitudes of the Alps. Unless you want to wear an anti-pollution mask or stay in an insulated room, you do NOT have much of a choice. You also need water to live. Once again, the water you drink is generally polluted and contains many toxins, such as pesticides, insecticides, residues of pharmaceutical prescriptions, chlorine, fluoride, etc. Do the best you can! You need food to live. This is where YOU HAVE A CHOICE! This is what we are going to focus most of our attention on in this book. Before exercising, relaxing, taking care of your emotional and mental states, pursuing a satisfying social/spiritual life, you need to be ALIVE and WELL. That can be accomplished by putting the right fuel into your body, i.e. HEALTHY and ENERGIZING FOODS, which means REAL and NATURAL FOODS.


Danielle J. Duperret


Danielle Duperret is a Natural/Holistic Health Doctor, with over 40 years of studies, research, training, professional and personal experience in psychology, guided imagery, food and energy therapies. She empowers her clients to maintain or restore their health naturally and holistically, addressing body, mind, soul and spirit.

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Éditions universitaires européennes


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