Shoulder Pain

Physical and Ultrasound Evaluation, Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

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Shoulder pain is one of the commonest complaints seen in Rehabilitation setting. Rehabilitation specialists diagnose based on clinical signs and symptoms. Here we describe 10 out of 184 signs used to diagnose shoulder pathology (Chapter 1). When conservative approach is now effective, it is necessary to establish a more accurate diagnosis. Ultrasound scan is a useful tool that provides clinical, anatomical integration all in one-day evaluation (Chapter 2 and 3). An introduction on the basics of Ultrasound is presented in Chapter 2; and then, the utility of Ultrasound for the diagnosis of musculoskeletal pathology is presented on Chapter 3. An Ultrasound protocol is proposed for the evaluation of the shoulder anatomy (Chapter 4). An accurate diagnosis is of paramount importance in order to establish a correct prognosis and to tailor a personal rehabilitation program (Chapter 5).


Marcos E. Fernández-Cuadros


Marcos E. Fernández-Cuadros. Medicine (MD) and Biology (BSc) (UNSA, Arequipa-Perú). MSc in Public Health and Management (UCSM, Arequipa-Perú). MSc in Neurophysiological Electrodiagnosis (UB, Barcelona-Spain). PhD in Medicine (USAL, Salamanca, Spain). Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist, Hospital Universitario Santa Cristina, Madrid.

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Scholars' Press


Shoulder pain, physical evaluation, ultrasound evaluation, Rehabilitation

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