U.S. Immigration, 1833-1965

Amalgam of Ideals, Nativism and Foreign Policy

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American efforts to restrict immigration from 1850’s to the xenophobic US Immigration Act of 1923, which essentially stopped Immigration the US until post World War II. The reader sees the rise of xenophobic groups: Ku Klux Klan, Eugenics movement, Numerous Xenophobic groups. Subject matter includes: Nativism; The First Jewish Immigrants to the United States; German-Jewish Immigration – 1820-1880; Immigration Act of 1875; The Great Russian Jewish Immigration in 1881-1914; Pahlen Commission in 1894; Hepburn Congressional investigation, 1890; The Immigration Act of 1891; Anti-German Antipathy; Anti-Catholic Antipathy; Italian American Bias; Gentlemen's Agreement of 1907; The Immigration Act of 1907; 1911 Congressional Testimony; Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1921; Eugenics Movement; Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1924; Effects of Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1924.


Arthur L. Finkle


ARTHUR L. FINKLE is a mediator, writer, educator and historian. Listed in Marquis’ Who's Who; Who's Who in Government; Who's Who in American Education; and Who’s Who in American Law, he has authored eleven books; several book chapters and numerous professional articles. He graduated from The Wharton Graduate School and is a Phi Beta Kappa.

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Immigration, US foreign policy, Nativism, tariff ethnic discrimination, political lobbying, US Economic policy

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POLITICAL SCIENCE / Economic Conditions