Populists Revolt against Globalization

Prospects for International Security Paradigm

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The West is badly hit by populists’ anti-globalization revolt which is marked by Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, popularity of radical rightist political parties in Europe, adaptation of protectionist policies and the drive for localization of manufacturing and services. These revolutions are changing the dynamics of international security towards a new era driven by forces of modernization. The main objective of this study is to analyze the causes of backlash in the process of Globalization, securitization involved and its impacts on international security structure while using the conceptual framework of Copenhagen School of Security Studies. The key findings of this study are that Western anti-globalization waves are translating into electoral politics, thereby, promoting hyper-nationalism over Liberal Internationalism; Protectionism over Free Market Economy; and Multi-polarity over Uni-polarity. These trends have disturbed the status quo and hence, international cooperation is threatened due to prevalent trade wars and invalidating multilateral agreements, culminating in the reduction of the role of International institutions and International law in world affairs.


Muhammad Ilyas


M. Ilyas, an Indigenous scholar with Higher Education Commission Pakistan, has a range of research interests from Globalization to International Security, legislative development to Public Policy and mass communication. Mr. Ilyas has wide experience in International Politics, Legislation process, Policymaking, and Sustainable Development Goals.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Globalization, International Security, Populism

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POLITICAL SCIENCE / International Relations