Herbal Formulation for Skin Care

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Herbal cosmetics are formulated, using different cosmetic ingredients to form the base in which one or more herbal ingredients are used to cure various skin ailments. The name itself suggests that herbal cosmetics are natural and free from all the harmful synthetic chemicals which otherwise may prove to be toxic to the skin. Compared to other synthetic beauty products, natural cosmetics are safe to use. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic-pharmaceutical hybrid products intended to improve the health and beauty of the skin by providing a specific result, ranging from acne-control and anti-wrinkle effects, to sun protection. Cosmeceuticals have medicinal benefits which affect the biological functioning of skin depending upon type of functional ingredients they contain. These are cosmetic products that are not just used for beautification but for different skin ailments. Herbal products improve the functioning/texture of the skin by boosting collagen growth by eradicating harmful effects of free radicals, maintains keratin structure in good condition and making the skin healthier.


Richa Kothari


Prof. Richa Kothari working as a Dean School of Sciences, ITM University Gwalior( M.P.). She has guided students at Ph.D. and M. Sc. Level. She has published 8 books, filed 13 patents and 28 Research Papers in referred National and International Journals.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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