The relationship between innovation and Employment: The South African

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I am a slow writer and to be quite honest , writing was or is not my strongest skill, unlike my peers I had to re-write most of the work in the article and ask for help now and again, the aggravate condition of my anemia during deadline periods also did no justice to my writing but nonetheless, my writing has improved...... cant say much about the pace nor rate but since I wrote this paper I grew and developed a necessary skill for academics. I hereby urge everyone from all life's background to never look down on themselves, to be persistent in all challenges and know that we have a platform in which every social economic issue can be investigated and shared, a platform with the world as an audience. For all those students who struggle with academic writing , be aware of all the resources around you that are willing and waiting for you to approach them. Universities alone allocate respective supervisors and tutors for assistant, 2017 was a tough year for me personally and economically but I out of all the people in the world managed to write and submit my article ......clearly everyone can do it too.


Hlamalani Chauke


Hlamalani M,Chauke is a recent graduate from the University of Johannesburg from South Africa. holding a B Com Economics and Econometrics degree followed by a Honors degree in Economics which was the highlight of her writing skills. She enjoys looking after children and cooking for her family during her spare time.

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unemployment, Innovation, Manufacturing sector, Developing Countries

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