Can You Beat the Markets through Seos?

Higher return than market by investing in seasoned equity offerings? An applied econometric investigation from Turkey

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Is it possible to beat the market? What needs to be done to earn more than other investor's average return? Is SEO an opportunity for investors to maximize their returns? Stocks are considered among risky financial instruments due to large price changes compared to Bonds. It is possible to win or lose 20% in just one trading day in Borsa Istanbul. However, getting higher returns than market average depends on many factors such as the timing, target sector and stocks. Stocks of the firms that performed SEOs are beneficial to create optimum investment portfolio? Is the abnormal return phenomenon real? We tried to find sufficient answers for all these questions via the Turkey Case. In this study, it has been examined whether the stock of the firms that have realized SEO provide higher returns (abnormal returns) to the investors in the short and long term.


Mustafa Özyeşil


Academician in finance. Completed BA from Yıldız Technical University in 2008. Ranked 1st Best Degree among graduates. Then worked as an executive in Turkey's 100 top firms in corporate finance. Gained a master degree in bank valuation and Ph.D. degree in public offerings. Published many articles in international journals on cryptocurrency and etc.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Seasoned Equity Offerings, Initial public offerings, capital markets, Price Anomaly, Panel data analysis, Price Anomalies

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BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Banks & Banking