Looking West and East in Picasso’s “Raphael and La Fornarina XXII"

from the Suite 347

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At the center of this project is the series “Raphael and La Fornarina” from the Suite 347 with twenty-five lithographs made by Picasso in 1968. The print Raphael and La Fornarina XXII: The Pope in the Armchair Feels Cuckolded is examined as well as the various references that are incorporated into it. The beginning of this research topic was the exhibition of these prints at the Picasso Museum in 2009, and has been expanded by Malén Gual in his essay “Dialogues with Japanese Art” in Imatges Secretes, Picasso i l’estampa erotica japonesa (Istituto de Cultura de Barcelona, 2009). The bulk of this analysis focuses on connections to European painters. One theme that is applied to the European comparison is the “ideal of beauty”. A secondary emphasis is on Japanese artists from the Edo period, through a rare print series by Sugimura Jihei from around 1680, by focusing on its analysis and description, and possible connections with Picasso’s print. This book is centered on long-neglected and only recently discovered connections between Picasso and Japanese erotic prints. To this new area of research, it wants to contribute to a wider social meaning of Picasso’s art reception.


Claudia Strauss


Claudia Strauss obtained a Master of Arts in East Asian art history from the Division of Art History at the University of Zürich in Switzerland. Her research interests are Pablo Picasso, and the connections between Western art and literature, and Japanese woodblock prints.  

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Picasso, Suite 347, The Pope in the Armchair Feels Cuckholded XVII, monochrome print, etching, Raphael and La Fornarina, La Velata, Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, Arasse, Sugimura Jihei, Richard Lane, Samurai and Ardent Lovers, Japanese woodblock prints, Japanese courts, Early Edo Period, monochrome albums prints, series, screen paintings, intercultural borrowing, European Art, East Asian Art

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