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Panacea for Diabetics

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With their vast experience and wisdom, holistic healers Valsalan Nair and Prathibha Nair show you the simplest and practical method to control and manage your diabetes. Through the most time tested, user friendly and scientifically proven healthy living methodology, they help you prevent and even reverse your existing complications associated with your high blood glucose level. The book has been written based on their association with thousands of diabetes patients who participated in Madhur Madhumeh Camps being conducted by the authors across the breadth and width of India. As per a published research paper, the participants learned to master their disease condition within hours, fasting blood glucose level came down by 16% and blood glucose level after food came down by 31% within 48 hours. An indispensable book containing extensive information on the best self-care methodology for diabetics, based on the ancient eastern wisdom, Rajayogi Lifestyle: Panacea for diabetics, will empower you to not only manage and take control of your disease condition, but also help you to live a life that is happy and worth living.


Valsalan Nair


Valsalan Nair is a renowned Wellness Trainer and Spiritual Counselor. Prathibha Nair is a reputed Yoga & Holistic Health Expert. Both of them are practicing Raja Yoga for the past two decades. Their natural but practical solutions based on ancient eastern wisdom that are simple to adopt help thousands of lifestyle disease patients across the world.


Prathibha Nair


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


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