Antimicobial Dyes of Textile and Non Textile Uses

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The present work aims at reviewing the major synthesizes and technology development of antimicrobial dyes and their application for high performance and textile added value as well as represents eco-friendly products. The interest of a specific antimicrobial dye depends on its antimicrobial activities on different textile fibres as well as non-textiles. As consequently there will be a continuing interest to find new dyes, which can be perceived to the best of the following technical and environmental points: 1. The ongoing interest for cleaner production in textile industries will encourage more research and development activates for the use of antimicrobial dyes in simultaneous dyeing and finishing. 2. High performance antimicrobial dyes which are specially optimized for a wide range of strains and microorganisms may be applicable for the medical field. 3. Antimicrobial colorants may find also new healthcare applications. 4. Choosing antimicrobial colorants for plastics and other products. 5. The innovation in the field of antimicrobial dye synthesis and application will continue to develop special functional dyes and nanotechnology related products.


Hamada Mashaly


Surname: Mashaly, name: Hamada Moustafa Mashaly, nationality: Egyptian, education:Bachelor of Science 1991,Ms C 1999, PhD 2005, degree(s) or diploma(s): -Ph.D. of of Science Faculty of Science, Department of Organic Chemistry, Ain Shams University.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Textiles, antimicrobial dyes, non textile uses, colored compounds, Natural Dyes, Synthetic dyes

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SCIENCE / Chemistry / Organic