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Reading this book immediately brings to mind the story of an eagle who grew up knowing he was a chicken and wished he could soar high up in the skies when he saw other eagles doing so. The dilemma of the eagle is echoed in the starting chapter; the beginning where it all started. No matter where we are in life, Pearson implores us to embrace the fundamental Biblical perspective of who we are in the Lord. Created in his image, God embedded in our DNA the authority to dominate the earth, conquer and succeed. According to him, this realization is beyond motivational, it is tied to what we can become or not become and consequently what we can achieve or not achieve in this life. As God’s masterpiece therefore, everyone’s opinion and pressures of life should all be seen through God’s own perspective. The good news we find in the book is that God has put in us everything we need for this life as guaranteed through his promises.Pearson draws on the life of Joseph to emphasis that in the realization of our God given purposes, we can trust him to inspire us towards dreams that propel his kingdom, put our achievements in God’s perspective, see failure as part of the journey and overcome it.


Pearson Kapepala Makunku


Pearson has a very active work experience in Logistics and Transport spanning over 30 years in different capacities and firms.He is the Honorary Secretary of Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Zambia Council.  He was Vice President of the Institute in Zambia.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


motivation, introspect, creation, Evolution, God, failure, success

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RELIGION / General