Sexual Issues and Prevention through Sex Education in Primary School

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Sex education is learning that can be given to children from an early age. The goal is for children have complete knowledge about the anatomy of their bodies related to sex. Children will know what to do and not do to their body. The mistreatment of their body is feared to cause deviant behavior. Sex education should be given according to the development of their age. Conducting sex education for elementary school students is very important so that they do not get information from media that is freely accessible. As a result of incorrect access to sex information from the media, students can fall into pornography. Children who are addicted to pornography, in turn, can plunge children into porn action. Not impossible, children who are addicted to pornography patronize to brothels. Providing knowledge about the history of prostitution for elementary school teachers is needed so that they are wise in providing sex education for their students. Being a prostitute with the predicate of graduating from elementary school has a different value than prostitutes with an elite class. How sad it is for prostitutes with low levels of education.


Ana Andriani


Started from a junior high school teacher for 17 years, moved to college and became a lecturer at Muhammadiyah University in Purwokerto in the Faculty of Teacher Training in Education, an elementary school teacher education program. Also teaches in postgraduate basic education programs.


Wakhudin Achmad Soewardjo


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Sex Education, Primary School, elementary school, teaching, Teachers, Students

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