Multi-input multi-output (MIMO) System-Basics and applications

Description and Applications of the MIMO System

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This project concerns a modern wireless communication technology, MIMO system. The aim of this work is to introduce analysis and simulations of this system from different aspects; also we discuss some applications that MIMO system used to enhance its performance from different points of view. In chapter (1), we study the performance of MIMO system as well as multiple antenna techniques. MIMO channel modeling is explained in chapter (2). The purpose of chapter (3) is the capacity of MIMO system in addition to multiple antenna techniques, some methods to improve the capacity. The concept of channel estimation and its method demonstrated in chapter (4), also some analytical subjects (diversity techniques, antenna selection, and successive interference cancelation) explained in the same chapter. Chapter (5) mentions some recent applications that use MIMO system (MIMO RADAR, LTE, MANT, and SCADA).


Mohamed Ahmed Abdelghaffar


Mr. Mohamed A. Abdelghaffar majored in Communication and Electronics Engineering. He is a Process Control, Instrumentation and Software Engineer with six years of experience. Mr. Abdelghaffar and his colleagues contributed to conduct this research.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Fuzzy controller, MIMO, Neural Network, Radar, SCADA, Wireless Communication, Automatic Control System, MISO, SIMO, FBGA

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TECHNOLOGY / Electronics / General