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GESTURE IN DRAWING-drawing on canvas, THOUGHTS ON COMPOSITION, ABOUT MONOTYPING The moment you utter it, the anguish in your mind has already begun: size, form – empty/full, centered/not centered, open/closed. How about the subject, the theme? Dot, line, mark, distortion, three-dimensional volume, sound, etc.? Should it be the same as you did it before? Should I do it as I did it before, or as he did it? How about as they did it? What should it be like? You just start thinking and asking yourself if you have the appropriate materials or even the financial means. Are you or are you not able to follow through with it and put your thoughts into action? Everything in your mind begins swirling and amalgamating, everything comes together on the same level, and then, everything comes apart up to the moment when you say ENOUGH! You finally decide to choose among a size, a surface or a volume......


Florin Stoiciu


F. Stoiciu is a doctoral professor at the Faculty of Arts, Ovidius Univ. in Constanța. He published Materials in Engraving, Techniques and Manners, Techniques and Manners in Engraving, Aquatinta on Steel Sheet - an Exposition Work, Ex-Libris Brâncuş 2018 (Presidential Administration, Cotroceni National Museum), GESTUL in xilogravura.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


composition, Engraving, Drawing, concept, process, monotyping, technique, manner

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ART / General