Maintaining health in the view point of Persian medicine (2nd edition)

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Attracting material and spiritual supports of scientific and academic centers, at national and international levels, Multicenteric project to revive the written heritage of Traditional Iranian Medicinal plans to take effective steps in logical and sustainable development of the foundations and history of traditional medicine, beyond its Islamic and Iranian identity of this knowledge. This approach currently follows two fundamental aspects: one is to formation of a virtual structure and avoiding centralized and costly administrative organization in order to retrieve and train experts that each by relaying his own scientific and practical science could take steps toward a common goal and other is to present works which be provided by several national scientific center by suggesting a suitable model of intersectional collaboration along with confidence and speed and avoid to get involved with complex administrative processes because this approach will cause to increase the number of audiences and more closely link of the lovers of this science.


Mohsen Naseri


Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Shahroud University of Medical Sciences, Shahroud, Iran, 2018-Present MD, PhD of Persian Medicine with Board Certification Author & Translator of over 40 titles from medical reference textbooks Invited member the HIKMAT and Traditional Medicine group of the Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Sciences Academy.


Mohsen Parviz


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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Persian Medicine, Health, Care

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MEDICAL / Holistic Medicine