The Darkstorm Chronicles Book Two

The Making of a Hero

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How can a man be in two minds at once? Is it when he realises that he has not known his own mind for a long time? When he wakes up to realise that he has become a slave in an unfamiliar world that soon starts to become more and more his as he recognises details from his mostly forgotten but eventful past? Then he recovers his mind enough to know that he is in a world that has been abandoned by the Federation for breaking a treaty and that he is being mistreated for a reason. Who is the mysterious Alixion and why is there a hidden society that has broken away from the rest? Flint, remembering his name, finds that he is haunted by his past and hunted in the present. There is only one way for him to go from here, he has to fight back and when he does so he will find answers as to the why and where of what has been done to his home world. Flint is a force to be reckoned with and he will not rest until he, and his world are freed for good.


Alex Frew


Alex Frew is the author of eleven published works with the Black Horse Western imprint. He has written several short plays that were performed by Borderline Theater, Ayr, including ‘Three Witches,’ and ‘The Burning Bush,’ both of which drew heavily on local history.Alex is a customer service representative with a large multinational organization.

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Mystery, Crime

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