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God Spirit is the light. My spirit eyes started to open, I was much blind for so many years, now I can say I see, but still blind for so many area of this life. Many years ago, I did ask God to let me be his messenger, to be receiving from him to share to others. I didn't know what I was asking. I tough life would be easier, life would be greater! If we study about every prophets, we can see they were not popular, not loved by the people. My huge surprised, being aware and occupied with the living Spirit of life, I started to change, to see things differently. This is the goal of this book, to witness about everything I have learned, seen and realized. Before I was limited by this belief of learning something only from books, people… Yes we can learn from every sources, but if our spirits are blind, even we try to get something, many times we cannot see the real things. I have been reading much many years ago, without much success. My spirit was blind, weak, unhealthy. This book is dedicated to the living Spirit of life. (The living Creator) In the beginning of this earth, the Spirit of life was looking to use his imagination to create something amazing, to create life.


Jean Perron


Welcome to everyone who love learning, looking to find, learn with me about much more of this life. I am Jean, a simple but very intense guy, I am extreme into whatever I do. I started to connect with the Spirit of life in 2010.

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Jesus, god, Spirit, life, eternity, love, mercy, born again

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