Life's Lessons on The Edge

Hearing and Learning from God through Life Challenges: As Narrated by the Jigger Boy

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Drawn from the author's personal life story, the book is meant to help people who have or continue to experience difficult circumstances and challenges in their daily lives to turn their eyes to God. The stories in the book are real-life experiences and testimonies of the author and not works of fiction. They are backed up by the written word of God as indicated in the Bible references. Each time when on the extreme edge of a tuff situation or just about to give up God came through with help and a lesson to boot. These are lessons learned on the edge of life challenges. Taken seriously considering the breakthrough experienced after turmoil and pain and suffering trusting in God and believing in his saving power, you can find your relief and experience your own breakthroughs.


Hesborn Omondi Ongudi


Hesborn Ongudi is a surviving orphan who has struggled through life with the help of God to become an accomplished and experienced accountant with over fifteen years experience. Growing up in a squatters scheme, a humble background taught him the first life lessons that propelled him to the place of success in life and the knowledge of God.

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Blessed Hope Publishing


Lessons, Challenges, Victory, tough times

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RELIGION / General