From Saul of Tarsus to Apostle Paul

Life Lessons from the Life & Ministry of Apostle Paul

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This book is about transformation. This book is for everyone; Christians seeking to transform their Christian lives into a perfect match with the Will of God, non Christians seeking to transform their lives into the Will of God through conversion to being followers and disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, and even Christian Workers and Christian Leaders seeking to transform their life styles and ministries into the perfect Will of God. As Saul of Tarsus was transformed from being an unbeliever of Jesus Christ, to being one of the greatest apostles of all generations, so will you be transformed. We follow through the life and ministry of Apostle Paul and extract vital lessons for our lives today, with the ultimate goal that if we can but implement even a fraction of the lessons highlighted herein, we can make an enormous contribution to the salvation of the world. Each of us is ever challenged by the work of Apostle Paul, and if we follow in his footsteps, even as he followed in the footsteps of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can achieve as greater an impact in the world as Apostle Paul achieved. And if we get a 100 Christian Leaders after the order of Apostle Paul,then Heaven on Earth.


Robert Chihota


Robert Chihota is a Pastor and Founder of new ministry that was founded in 2015. The Ministry is called the Living Church of Christ International (LCCI), and is based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The ministry is still in the early stages. He holds a Bachelor of Business Studies and a Master of Business Leadership degrees. He is married to Kudzai Chikwanha.

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