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The fact is, God, the Master of Masters, does nothing without first telling his prophet the whole story (Amos 3:7). It is my hope that if you go through this book, it will expose you to the understanding of how the prophecy works and affects our lives. It will unfold the experience, concepts, power and effect of Prophecy over your life. You will realize that this book will help you to learn how to connect your Prophecy to your Dreams and make them exist, manifest even multiply over your life as you receive HIS WORD. This practical experience will assist you to learn how to generate new ideas for your prosperity. Furthermore, you will notice that this book reveals to you that God has a plan for you that will always prevail in your life. If you can Believe God you will be Established and Believing the prophet you will prosper, according to 2 Chronicles, 20:20, you will be encouraged and this will make you able to face challenges and enhance your Vision.


Masejo Songo


Masejo Songo is an Evangelist, a Teacher and a Community development practitioner. He holds a MSc. Community Economics Development from Southern New Hampshire University, USA and BSc. Agricultural Education and Extension from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania. Also, he holds Diploma in Education from Klerruu Teachers’ College, Tanzania.

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