The Making of a Leader

Leadership at a glance

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Leadership is the most read about subject in business, it is the most talked about theme in politics, it is the most needed commodity for today’s problem choked world yet a true understanding of leadership remains ever elusive. There is probably nothing more important to our world today than leadership every institution and society or individual is as good as their leadership or management. The concept of leadership continues to evolve as the challenges and needs of our world are changing daily too. For years leadership was based upon the concept of control. It was designed to be effective in the Industrial Revolution. All that has changed! An author recently stated “in organizations, real power and energy is generated through relationships. The patterns of relationships and the capabilities to form them are more important than tasks, functions, roles, and positions.” People are now the central focus of leadership. If you want to become a strong leader you must understand people. Influence is the approach that works in today’s complex environment whether it is a business organization or not for profit or something in between. Add flexibility, vision and determination.


Emmanuel Lumonya


I am a student of the cross, a journey i started 27 years ago, during my secondary education. I am married and blessed with four children. I am a co founder of Moriah aviation limited and Moriah international ministry. My ministry call is in teaching, book writing and prophetic work. We can all together make this world better.

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leadership, Management, competence, succession, Evolution, the world today, the hope of the world

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