The Way of The Yogi

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Many do not know how to approach life. They are confused as to what is correct perspective and many times agonize over life's trials and difficulties. They fail to realize that their failures are a result of indiscipline. Discipline is required in all spheres of life to be successful in any and everything. And this is lacking in all nations, tongues, and kindred. Therefore, a revitalizing of the spiritual senses is required to quell suffering and ignorance. However, many wish instead of work, or they hope instead of adhering to life's lessons. But most of all, they delve into life without the proper training as to how they should think and what they should do. They know not how to influence because they themselves lack the doctrine of prosperity and Love. They do not cherish life and hold all as dear and sacred in their hearts. Therefore, they suffer because of a lack of knowledge. Many have data and know not how to apply it. This is the reason why I have written this short yet very insightful book. It will enlighten the mind, embolden the heart, liberate the soul, and give flight to the Spirit. Even good physical health will be a feature of reading this book.


Ron Gooden


Ron Gooden is a Spiritual Author. He has learned many lessons in this life and wishes to teach as many as would be drawn to his books. He has written several, of which is included "Unbiased: The Mind and Perspective of God". Ron was a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and now lives as a pilgrim. His greatest wish is to liberate.

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Blessed Hope Publishing


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