Maasai African Tradition religion

Christian Drifting Away to Syncretism

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The Maasai community is among the indigenous people we have in Kenya. They can be found in two counties that is in Narok and kajiando counties. It should be noted that they are among the known African who holds their tradition dearly. The Maasai did not welcome missionaries like other communities as a result of that they have lacked behind in terms of civilization and education.This work will help the 21st missionaries who want to work with Maasai community so that they will not have conflict as the one experienced by other Missionaries. We cannot Africanize the Gospel; we have to take it the way it is to the Maasai community.Though the Maasai community believed in monotheism, one almighty God but they never knew about Jesus Christ the savior and redeemer of human kind who sent by his father save the world. the Maasai community needs to hear about Jesus Christ more than yesterday.However, the Maasai land has been neglected for so long, in terms of preaching the gospel. due to un conducive environment that create a lot of challenges to missionaries.


Patrick Kamau


Bishop Dr. Patrick Kamau was born in 1961. 1979 he received Jesus Christ as his personal savior and in the same year. He was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. He is a missionary in Maasai Land. Married to Margaret.He is a holder of B.A Masters and undertaking P.H.D in Christian ministry with Salt Lake Bible College university of America.

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