The Axioms of Jedediah

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A great deal of the world is in anguish. They suffer because of a lack of knowledge. Their sincerity is shaky at best. And they are tossed by every wind of trouble because they do not have a firm standing. This work was written for these exact problems. It was written in the hopes of quelling the turmoil of all who read its pages. However, it must be heeded in all aspects of life. If this is done, then one can expect a change in all areas of life. This book is written in simple language that every reader can understand with sophistication like none other. Those who adhere to this teaching will find the light that they have been searching for all their lives. In a world where everyone is lost and confused, this book shall help you find your way and bring clarity with great exactitude. It is a work of rare quality. One which is of the Truth that so many would wish to find. This work will open up the heart, expand the mind, and allow the Spirit to soar to new and unseen heights. It teaches of the unchangeable Truths which go far beyond the surface of the Bible. Anyone who wishes to find light in the Bible will do well to read this book thoroughly and soak up its many lessons.


Ron Gooden


Ron Gooden is a member of the Christian Church. He has studied the scriptures quite intensely and now wishes to relate the lessons he has acquired. Ron has written a few books, including "Divine Focus: The Complete Doctrine". He hopes that everyone will have a fulfilling experience in reading his books and be transformed eternally.

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Blessed Hope Publishing


Christianity, Bible Study

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