Three Golden Truths That Work Wonders

Angels are Jealous of you!

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What is for you? What is with you? and what is in you? Your life is the result of what you were told. When you carry things you were not supposed to carry, you will live a life you were not meant to live. No one can change what happens to him or her unless they change what they knows. Do you know that there are things about you and God that even Angels cannot get over it and that has remained a mystery to them? Those who have found this these truths have a sense of joy which no one can take it from them. Truth is the only source of freedom from erroneous living. When you discover these golden truths about yourself in the pages of God's word, you will not need anyone to set you free or ask for a miracle, rather, you will be a wonder to your generation. The greatest achievement of Jesus was not to saved man from sin, and that is the truth beyond the religious belief. This book is a classic exposition on a real christian life. Every pages is filled with divine truths. It is a must read book for every believer, every minister of the Gospel, and every serious student of the Bible. Don't wait for someone to give you the facts, find the truths by yourself.


Blessed Prince Agyapong


Blessed Prince Agyapong is an ordained minister of God, with abundance of revelation and prophetic insights. The gospel has taken him to different nations. He holds a Diploma in leadership with other courses. He is the president of Christ City Chapel int'l. His passion is to win souls, see them blessed and to impact his generation for God.

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Blessed Hope Publishing


Three Golden Truths, Angels, sense of joy God.

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