The Road that Leads to Jerusalem

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The book, The Road that Leads to Jerusalem, is aimed at letting people know that everyone must be determined in order to travel this road. It is actually the road that leads to heaven. Jesus said He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. In order to make this journey successfully, our first example is Jesus. He has made His Way known to us in the Bible. Then there are also men who are determined to do what He has taught us. Such men are also helpful in this journey to heaven. And then the individual must discipline himself to watching and waiting to see the “robbers” that can still one’s success on this road. All must know that “It is not an easy road,” as the song writer put it. Read and get yourself ready for the battle on this road.


Michael Adikwu


The author, Michael U. Adikwu, is a lecturer at University of Nigeria, Nsukka. His experience in life shows that the Road that Leads to Jerusalem which is equivalent to the Road that leads to Heaven, is very difficult to travel in.

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Blessed Hope Publishing


The Road that Leads to Jerusalem, THEOLOGY, the pains and gains of disappointment, Michael Adikwu

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RELIGION / Bible / Biography / General