Continuity and discontinuity

from African traditional religion to Christianity

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Human being cannot be separated with his/her culture and tradition whereby the culture, tradition and history of human beings should be respected in all domains. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between sacrifice in African Traditional Religion, especially in Rwanda, and sacrifice (offering and tithe) in contemporary Pentecostal Christianity in Rwanda in Restoration Church - Huye Branch. This study was aiming to understand the interpretation of sacrifice, the practice of giving sacrifice in both Rwandan traditional Religion and contemporary Pentecostal churches, then to give the recommendations. The study found out that today, churches seem not to take into account the role and teachings of culture. Some preachers and leaders of the new churches are against the culture in considering it as a chain that can put someone in bondage and slavery. Therefore, the church in Rwanda should recognize its mission of helping people of God to have the abundant life. The church may acknowledge that with traditional religion among Africans there is a continuity and discontinuity and the concept of sacrifice and offerings is among the continuity in African Christianity.


Francoise Niyonsaba


Niyonsaba Francoise was born in Rwanda. Following his path in life, she chose to become a Reverend. She is currently an Internship Pastor at the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda.

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African traditional religion, Pentecostal Churche, Evangelical Restoration Church, sacrifice, Culture, African Christianity

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