Formation, Structure and Cooling of Neutron stars

Formation,Structure and Cooling of Neutron Stars

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An introduction is specified to astrophysics of neutron stars and to physics of dense matter in neutron stars. Experimental properties of Astro-physical objects containing neutron stars are analyses; Present scenarios about configuration and evolution of neutron stars in those objects are discussed. Physical ideologies governing the internal structure of neutron stars are measured with particular significance on the probable spin ordering in the neutron star matter. The arrangement and development of neutron stars (NS) the interiors of which are modeled using microscopic approaches and forced by the situation that the equation of state (EOS) of matter extrapolated to high densities should not contradict known observational data from compact stars and experimental data from heavy ion collisions (HIC).


Soumya Ranjan Patra


Dr. S. Ranjan acquired Ph.D in Physics from KIIT University,India.He received his M.Sc. in Physics from F.M. University,India and M.Phil in Physics from North Orissa University, India. His research focus on the Formation, Structure and Cooling of Neutron Stars.He has published research papers in international journals.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing


Neutron stars, Radio Pulsars, Binary radio Pulsars

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SCIENCE / Physics