The scourge of Female Genital Mutilation

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This work is an autobiographical essay which deals with the resolute fight against female genital mutilation in Mali, led by Mrs Keita Joséphine TRAORE. The fight against female genital mutilation made her a key figure, as far as the issue is concerned in West Africa. As a laureate of Chevalier de l'Ordre National, she has always fought for more equality and justice, especially the defense of women's rights in relation to a practice which is afflicting West Africa. She was confronted with many difficulties in her daily life, for the war on F.G.M was a waste of effort. She believed in her good fairy, and today the behavioural change is noticeable all over Mali. Thanks to her dynamism and courage, the National Programme for Fighting against female genital mutilation was established, she was its Director in 2002. Every year, February 6th is celebrated as a dedication to the fight against F.G.M. Theses activities are aimed at achieving the eradication of the practice of F.G.M in Mali. By writing this book, my intention is to share with the reader my struggle for a total ban of the practice of female genital mutilation in Mali, through a legally binding Act of Parliament.


Ibrahima Traoré


Ibrahima TRAORE was born on the 20th day of January 1991 ; he comes from Mali and is a native of Ségou. He graduated from University of Sup' Management (Mali). He's a holder of a Master's degree in Commercial Engineering. He now works for SAER-Emploi (placement office) as a Community Manager, under the authority of Mr Souleymane Sidibé.

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scourge, Female Genital Mutilation

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