The Great Owl of Great Zimbabwe

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The book is about the Great owl who abused power for his own gains.This is similar to Zimbabwe politics which had enhanced the sitution in Zimbabwe. Therefore i urge all the readers to engage with the book so that many themes, facts and arguments will come out as one ponders about the book. The Great Zimbabwe was ancient historical site which have influenced my story to a great extent. Owl bird flew around the city in search of food, the food to sooth the hunger not of all its children but for the grandchildren. Eagle is amazed about the death toll of Owl children, confusion and anger rose .one Owl inquire of the daily provision which made the great owl furious and unstable mentally. Therefore the great owl is correct to worry for the provision of future generation. Hope this book will change the lives of people who will read it.Viper was awake from the dizziness caused by the air and crawled to the throne which the Bantu King loved to seat and waited patiently. The Eagle was hurt badly and Great Owl was happy to see that. So the Bantu king was sitting on the throne and Viper draw all the venom and bite the neck of Bantu King and no sound was heard and the king died instantly.


Farai Idris Mushangwe


The book Great Owl of Great Zimbabwe will inspire and change many lives of people in Zimbabwe and i Farai Mushangwe it was my talent. Im a student at the university of Zimbabwe.

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Éditions universitaires européennes


Great Zimbabwe, Great Owl

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SOCIAL SCIENCE / Anthropology / General