Medicinal plant genomic res.: its role in next-gen.drug development

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Medicinal plants around the globe have enormous potential and produced many drugs against cancer,malaria,diabetes,various cardiac problems and more. The existing drugs against malaria, cancer and many other microbial diseases getting resistant and needs continuous res. on new drug development. Medicinal plant genomic research,which has far greater potential, can be a good platform to produce new molecules/specialized metabolites than was thought from classic bioactivity screens. New technologies like NGS(next-gen.sequencing) which has revolutionized genomic res. can do havoc specially for medicinal plant which has recalcitrant genome. Emerging genomics res. along with other omics res. on unexplored medicinal plants will definitely help in the constant search in new molecules/drugs and drug development research. Hope, this book covering all those aspects in a very simple manner, will be very helpful for Ph.D students and Scientists who are going to begin their work on medicinal plant genomic research.


Prasanta Chakraborty


Prasanta Chakraborty did his M.Sc.,Ph.D from Jadavpur University,Kolkata,India, Post-doctoral and visiting scientist from Washington Univ.School of Medicine, St.Louis, USA. Research career at Indian Institute of Chemical Biology,Kolkata. Dr. Chakraborty has published many res.articles, reviews and book(both on animal and plant Biol.)in different J.

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Scholars' Press


Medicinal plants, Metabolites, Genes, enzymes, Genomic res.

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SCIENCE / Biochemistry