Extraction of Secondary Metabolites produced by Streptomyces Species

Extraction and Characterization of Secondary Metabolites, antibiotic produced by Streptomyces Species in Babylon Provinc

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Antibiotic resistance occurs when an antibiotic has lost its ability to effectively control or kill bacterial growth; in other words, the bacteria are "resistant" and continue to multiply in the presence of therapeutic levels of an antibiotic. The misuse and overuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance among bacteria and consequent treatment complications and increased healthcare costs. According to this problem of antibiotic resistance, we should in continuous research about the discovery of novel antibiotics to overcome this problem. This book focused on the collection and isolation of the bigger source of antibiotics production which is the Streptomyces spp, Additionally, this book includes the use of many methods that involve the extraction and subsequent purification of these bio active compounds (antibiotics) using newer methods. As a result, this book provides a rich information to the researchers and any students in the master or Ph.D research.


Furqan Al-Asady


I had born in 1980, I graduated from college of pharmacy in 2003. I got M.Sc. and Ph.D. in pharmacy. I'm specialist in Microbiology (Biotechnology).

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Scholars' Press


Extraction, Secondary Metabolites, Streptomyces Species

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MEDICAL / Pharmacology