Special Economic Zones Analysis

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Establishing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) brings both positive and negative attributes to the community. Amongst the prospects of establishing SEZs include enticing Foreign Direct Investment which would spur employment in the revived firms which would eradicate poverty and improve in the standards of living of the community. Establishing SEZs also improves Council’s revenue inflows due to the fact that residents would be employed in the revamped firms, therefore they would be able to pay their financial obligations to Council. Furthermore, the revived industries would also be paying rates and taxes to Council thereby contributing to the rise of Council’s revenue base. Using the case of Norton Town Council for the period December 2015 to January 2018, the researcher conducted survey research on a purposive sample of forty seven respondents who were asked to give their views on a number of questions contained in the survey instrument.


Tinotenda Mukabeta


Tinotenda Victor Mukabeta is a freelance writer who writes different satirical excerpts. In 2014 he won the Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) award of being the best writer. He is a holder of a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Local Governance Studies but with keen interest in persuing and fostering Local Economic Development.

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Special Economic Zones

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