Economic Organization among Kotiya Tribe: An Anthropological Study

Study conducted in Dumbriguda Mandal, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh, India

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The Kotiya tribe that have been least studied from an anthropological perspective. The tribe holds a rich identity of its own and they are surviving in one of the challenging geographical settings. The Kotiya economy looks like a simple tribal economy of the surface but the depth it strikes a collective efforts of livelihood where the priority of the community out weights the individual. This book aims to find out the food source in Kotiya tribe. It also focus to understand their economic organization and delineate the relations of economic organization with social, political and religious life of the Kotiya. It further elicit the impact of several winds of change on Kotiya life. Chapter 1 deals with introduction, review of literature, objectives and methodology employed in the data collection. Chapter 2 deals with brief detail of area and people, chapter 3 focuses on the demography and social status of the tribe. Chapter 4 delineates the economic organization among the tribe Chapter 5 deals with consumption, distribution and exchange patterns among the tribe and final chapter 6 gives summary and conclusions.


Srinivas Chetti


Mr.Srinivas, Chetti, Research Scholar in Department of Anthropology, Andhra University. He is receiving NET JRF from UGC, Govt of India. He involved various Research Projects. He contributed Research Articles in different journals and he also presented papers inmany National and International seminars. His area of interest is Bio-Cultural studies.

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anthropology, Economic Organization, Kotiya Tribe, Area and People, Study on Visakhapatnam Agency Tribes, Indian Tribes, Tribal economic system

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