An Analysis Of The Two Great Speeches By Martin Luther King

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The aim of this book is to make an analysis of the two greatest speeches delivered by Martin Luther King, such as: “I have a Dream” and “I’ve been to the Mountaintop.” The reason why we chose to analyze these two speeches is to see what message King wanted to deliver to the society living in that time, which we all know that it was segregated. Due to the fact that he was an Afro-American, not all the people liked him, and this shows that America was pro-racist oriented and America people exposed themselves as bewildered human race. But the oppressor, couldn’t stop these mass marches and large gatherings, because this civil rights movement of people just wanted to show peacefully to the government that they were verily barbarized and oppressed and thus appeared someone, a leader, who nonviolently and with peaceful political rally wanted to better the lives of his people by trying to stop this injustice or discrimination which was constantly done to them. As one conclusion we can say - although Martin Luther King sacrificed himself losing his life, yet he became a world’s symbol of peace and freedom.


Mirhat Aliu


Mirhat Aliu. Department of English Language and Literature. State University of Tetova.

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Martin Luther King

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