Cassava and Sweet Potato Value Chains in Mvomero and Kongwa Districts

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The potential to create a significant livelihood from selling cassava and sweet potato products often remains out of reach. Besides, access to a reliable market and with limited transformation, the expected benefits from these crops and their products will not be visible. Little has been done to develop cassava and sweet potato marketing system regardless of the apparent importance to the rural poor, the economy and food production in general. This book, therefore, provides detailed information on how cassava and sweet potato value chains are currently functioning in Mvomero and Kongwa Districts. It points out factors that constrain cassava and potato production and marketing system. Also, generate information that helps how to formulate cassava and sweet potato marketing development programs and guidelines for interventions that would improve the efficiency of the cassava and sweet potato marketing system. The analysis should help the value chain players, supporters, development partners, and planners to better target investments in cassava and sweet potato sub-sectors.


Mkani Waziri


Mkani is a consultant with over six years of experience offering technical advice, training and business development services in the areas of Private Sector Development, Value Chain Development, Small Enterprise Development, Market Linkages in the Agricultural Sectors, Strategic Business Planning, Financial Brokerage, and PPP.

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Scholars' Press


cassava, Sweet Potato, value chain, Marketing, Profitability

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SCIENCE / Horticulture