Effect of feeding programme on Pupils' class participation in Kenya

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The UNCRC,1989, OAU 1990 and the government of Kenya in the constitution (2010) recognizes the right of every child to a standard of living adequate to its physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development. Adequate and appropriate care to young children should be provided by caregivers since developmental deficiencies that occur during this stage are difficult to reverse. Early childhood development education centers have been accepted by contemporary societies world wide as an alternative childcare system. Research findings in Kenyan ECDE centers have identified inadequate nutrition and health support services as one of the challenges facing ECDE. Significant disparities in access to education and school enrollment exist and therefore expansion of current school feeding efforts is necessary.This book uses research based pedagogy to enlighten stake holders like the ministry of education, policy makers and interested parties on the need for financial support of the school feeding programmes to enhance learners' class participation.


Mary Karaba


Karaba M.Wanjiku.MEC;Studied Early Childhood and Primary Education at Karatina University. Part time lecturer at Gretsa University,Thika.

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Scholars' Press


ecde, school feeding programme, pupils' class participation, Kenya, Africa, school

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