High Speed Magnetic Levitating Transportation using Compressed Air

Reliable And High Speed Mode of Transportation Using Magnetic Levitation

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There are a number of problems in the prior art, those are topics of research inputs likes ranges of the drag force generated by the vehicle, lift force at high vehicle motion velocities for compensation of the vehicle weight, Aerodynamic aspects of operation of the vehicle, Stream wise stability of vehicle motion and levitation and breaking of the vehicles and supersonic speed is not achieved in any mode of transportation. But this technology related to high speed magnetic levitating transportation. More particularly, this technology is related to high speed magnetic levitating transportation using compressed air chamber in the transportation vehicle.This is more particularly related to high speed vehicle levitated on a vacuum tunnel by using electromagnetic levitation. As this vehicle will move from one place to another in a vacuum environment and this vehicle will levitate above track with the help of electromagnets.The important thing is its motion, which is possible due to reaction force of high pressure air, coming out from compressed air chamber present in vehicle. It can give us the acceleration as per load requirement and it can achieve supersonic speed in few seconds.


Rajat Mishra


Rajat Mishra, Studied Bachelor of Technology at KIET Group of Institutions APJAKTU, The Republic of India.Published a research paper 'High Speed Vacuum Air Vehicle' in a conference organized by International Maglev Board and journal ISSN 24139203. Also filed a complete Indian patent on the same technology.


Harshit Mishra


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Scholars' Press


Maglev, vacuum train, supersonic vehicle, pneumatic vehicle, air train, magnetic track, vacuum vehicle, compressed air train

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