Food and Emotions: From Emotional Feeding to Emotional Eating

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I write. I write for work and for family occasions. My day-to-day life is organized with notes. I love lists. Perhaps an ancient respect for the written word factors in my extensive use of this medium. I know how to write. I get feedback on the quality of my writing and today I can also give myself feedback and focus on the specifics of my writing. I did not think about writing this book and did not seriously consider the writing process beforehand. At a professional conference on psychology and personality, I received an offer to write a book. I see everything, large and small, as part of a pre-decided-upon plan that I am meant to take part of—a fate-like mandate or God’s divine guidance. I did not approach this book as a finished product but rather as an opportunity to gather and connect different topics and longstanding interests. I merged my personal and professional self, in all its diversity. Throughout Food and Emotions: From Emotional Feeding to Emotional Eating, I relate to feeding in infancy, to food, to how it is eaten, to its purpose in our world. I explore the concepts of emotional eating, compulsive eating and overeating.


Pnina Hertz


Pnina was born in the USA and immigrated to Israel as a child in 1969, working as a pediatric psychologist, graduated Hebrew University. She studied Music Therapy and worked with Autistic children and youth. She completed her doctorate thesis in the Criminology department in Bar Ilan University in Israel. She works as a psychologist with children.

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Scholars' Press


Emotional Eating, food, compulsive eating, overeating, psychology, personality.

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SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / General