The Evaluation of Cultural Diversity in Promoting Global Peace

A Case Study of Students in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

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After embarking on a field research on the crisis in Southern Cameroon, the author was concerned with proposing diplomatic solutions to the crisis which got him attracted to the concept of promoting cultural beauty in culturally diverse societies. Receiving great reviews from his first published article titled The Sensitivity of Cultural Identity: A Focus on Cameroon, Emmanuel Ayodeji Ekundayo became also interested in the negative effects of certain cultural beliefs and values which he portrayed the potency of some African cultures and how it affects the education of an African girl child. Ekundayo passion towards culture can be explored in The Evaluation of Cultural Diversity in Promoting Global Peace: A Case Study of Students in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Elaborating on vital issues concerned with the increase in plural societies globally, Ekundayo evaluates culturally diverse societies giving you a self discovery outlook channeled towards promoting peaceful co-existence.


Emmanuel Ayodeji Ekundayo


The author was born on the 27/03/1989 in Lagos, Nigeria. He had his B.Sc in International Law and Diplomacy at Babcock University, Nigeria in 2013 and a M.A in International Relations at European University of Lefke, Turkey. Associated with several organizations, the author has published several articles on culture, foreign policy and cold war.

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Scholars' Press


Cultural Diversity, Global Peace, tolerance, Open-mindedness, Self-Awareness, minorities

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SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology / General